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Boom Plus is a group of major food stuff manufacturing and exporting companies, established since 2004 with registration number 70873. Our mega products are Wheat flour and Pasta (Macaroni & Spaghetti). All our products are ISO certified and our country is a COMESA member.

We choose the best foundations to represent our companies. Our concept, ‘Everything is possible’. We like business as well as its challenges and we’re up to making the best out of them, 24/7 all year round. Our staff are well trained and experienced to give you the support you need, from product information to shipment updates to after sales service. Solid quality service and solid quality products are our business characteristic. We are ISO 9001 certified because we choose the finest hard wheat grains for our vast variety of products. Close inspection of shipments for highest quality standards, lowest possible product costs, timely production and shipment updates to clients are part of the process. This dedication makes us stand out of the crowd.

★ We are COMESA members , also we got ISO 9001
★ Boom Plus are Expert in African Markets and After too many researches , we focus all our experience in a brand For whole life time , which client can trust once he try it
★ All required Doc will be provide & legalized from Egyptian authorities
★ Boom plus group are major foodstuff exporting companies supported by mega production facilities
★ Our hot Products are Pasta (Macaroni & Spaghetti) and Wheat flour.
★ Our concept is everything is possible, we take the responsibility of every step from choosing the finest grains and making our premium products until delivering it to our clients, our mission isn’t finished yet, we keep following up with our clients even after selling the products in markets.
★ We take care of every detail and we have the know how of every step.
★ When we face any challenge we are up to it and our team is ready 24 hours/day 365 days/year and they are very experienced to give you the support you need.
Along years of experience in African markets we made wide network and deep friendships in (Madagascar, Comoros, Angola, Uganda, Kenya, Benin, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Congo, D.R. of the Congo, Gabon, Mauritius, Djibouti, Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Sao tome, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Liberia, Ethiopia, Burundi, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Venezuela).
★ You can join Boom Plus family now and contact us directly.

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Boom Plus is a Major Egyptian exporting company supported by mega production facilities. Established since 2004 with registration number 70873.

Our hot Products are Pasta (Macaroni & Spaghetti) and Wheat flour. Our vision is to produce and deliver the highest quality Pasta & Wheat flour to our clients all over the world with competitive price.

Our mission starts when we choose the finest hard wheat grains among the high capacity and variety of wheat imported by Egypt.

• We are ISO 9001 certified.

• Note that : Egypt is the biggest wheat importer in the world with capacity of 12 million tons per year [statistic by FAO]

So we get the finest wheat with lowest price, we also inspect our shipments carefully to ensure the quality, then we mill it in our factories to produce super quality wheat flour (50 Kg & 25 Kg – bulk bags 1 MT) for our clients all over the world.

We mix the highest quality wheat flour with fresh water and add our special improve to produce hard pasta (Macaroni & Spaghetti) super tasty & don’t stick